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Subject: admin please help!
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rider13 11.06.08 - 08:43pm
Fix the problem at groups where an owner can view the last time a member has visited your group. It's been broken and not updating for over a month now. And for most member names it does not show anything. Thank you, if you can get this fixed! *

manchesr 12.06.08 - 04:12pm
The reason being is that some people join groups and not visit meaning nothing will show up. Nothing is broken its just ppl aint visiting. . . *

admin 12.06.08 - 06:10pm
that feature was disabled. *

rider13 12.06.08 - 10:27pm
Please re-enable that feature admin. It still shows and updates some, so it can't be totally disabled. We need that feature at our groups! *

admin 12.06.08 - 10:29pm
Because it's stressing server, maybe I'll add it later again. *

rider13 12.06.08 - 10:30pm
Ok, thanks I will be looking forward to it being put back! *

seastarr 12.06.08 - 10:33pm
This is a very useful option to be able to see when members last visited. If a member is inactive for long time owners need to know so we can make the decision to remove from group or not. Thank you. *

endtimes 12.06.08 - 10:39pm
I agree, it gives owners a gud idea whats happening in their member lists. We need that feature pleez admin beg.GIF *

n1ck 12.06.08 - 10:41pm
Thanks admin. As rider13 and seastarr said, it is a very useful feature for group owners. Much appreciated. *

solaray 12.06.08 - 10:44pm
I think its needed too. Please put it back! *

manchesr 13.06.08 - 10:43am
Why would you remove someone for not visiting your group? Not thats the most stupidest thing i've heard all day pilot.GIF and i think the owner has given us enough features already. Should be greatfull for what we got. Its a free site and not only is it free its better than any other. You can make your own wapsite,group,go to forums,chat,downloads and ALL for free. *

manchesr 13.06.08 - 10:44am
Well maybe not the downloads. typo *

seastarr 22.06.08 - 08:34am
I am grateful it's free. I click on adds to help keep it that way. Do you? *

rider13 23.06.08 - 09:17am
No, never! I would gladly pay a fee NOT to have those adds here! *

carolffa 23.07.14 - 06:59pm
I keep getting logged out for no reason, grrrr *

chris000 11.03.15 - 01:53pm
mr. admin can i get my banned id back? *

arsalans 15.03.15 - 05:32pm
admin pls help me.i want to delete my tell me hw can i delete my id *

piskey 16.03.15 - 05:20am
Go to my stuff, click on settings. At the bottom it says deactivate my account. Click on that. *

1clivey1 8.04.15 - 12:18am
that only deactivate's it you need to ask admin to delete it complete *

akbar9 16.04.15 - 11:12am
Sir I need yo help. Actually admin Clivey has been banning me for a long time without showing ban reason. Here is ban page screen shot. ..


You are banned!
Please read terms and conditions below.
Block Reason:

Contact admin:
+ Terms of use.
Date : 11.4.2015

5 Top 0 Main 9 Chat
Custom Search *

krack 17.04.15 - 03:11am
read.GIF *

krack 17.04.15 - 04:22am
reading.GIF Any add/subtract in admin list??? *

krack 18.04.15 - 01:54am

Admin ...pls add a tool in chat system to hide from unwanted users or abusers so that it will keep the chat environment safe and clean!!!

Thanks!!! *

frodob18 7.07.15 - 10:04pm
Anyone knows why some files are not showing up in groups? 100s of my uploaded files are not showing up. *

1clivey1 8.07.15 - 02:52am
there was a problem with the system its being looked at some are restored allready *

frodob18 8.07.15 - 05:43am
That's great! Thank you! *

rhodaat 8.07.15 - 11:55am
Would u mind to let us knw where our latest pictures we upoad went to adm. , most of buds lost there pict to mhh is there technical error in site or could it be someone hacked our accounts and deleted our pictures? Please help us retrieve our pictures back thx. *

manchesr 9.07.15 - 12:18am
It's a technical problem *

rhodaat 9.07.15 - 04:45am
Ok we hope u all the best t tackle the technical error soon thx u *

manchesr 9.07.15 - 05:08am
No problem we're working on it... *

krack 9.07.15 - 10:09am
Wheres admin foxigalx ???


miirfan 10.07.15 - 02:07pm
Ah, everyone facing same prob.

Are you able to upload files/pictures ?
As i'm getting this msg
Server Error
403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

critical 22.07.15 - 04:27pm
it's working fine for me *

miirfan 22.07.15 - 07:54pm
Thnx(for a reply), its working fine now. @critical, *

mrdavid 26.07.15 - 10:43am
sort the groups file uploads plz *

critical 26.07.15 - 12:17pm
i've notified the owner *

critical 26.07.15 - 01:28pm
looks like it's fixed *

mrdavid 1.08.15 - 01:34am
its not bud, when uploaading a file, all it says is... Select file to upload. the owner should tell people whats going on! either we can upload files or its stopped. an answer would be nice. *

manchesr 1.08.15 - 07:28am
He's a busy guy he'll get back to you when he can *

critical 1.08.15 - 10:28pm
mrdavid why don't you inbox him direct on the tag ADMIN *

critical 1.08.15 - 10:31pm
i just uploaded a pic in this group and it works *

manchesr 2.08.15 - 07:42am
Works for me too! *

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