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Subject: Malicious Advertising
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obi_jon 26.02.15 - 08:06am
I keep getting randomly redirected to Google This is beyond a joke and completely unacceptable.dont.GIF The problem occurs even when no adverts are visible on screen, so I didn't click on an ad by mistake.nono.GIF For example, I logged in this morning and clicked on the 'forums' button on the main page and instead of being taken to the forums menu I was redirected to the Empire : Four Kingdoms download page on Playstore. This happened 4 times in a row before I was finally allowed into the forum menu on my fifth try. It also randomly occurs when opening a topic, moving from one topic page to the next or trying to submit a reply in a topic. Other users have complained about the same problem in the pinned 'Errors' topic in general forum. *

admin 26.02.15 - 08:28am
It usually happens because of a malicious ad, If it happens again try to stop the page before redirection and view page source then send it to us. We'll investigate it too. *

obi_jon 26.02.15 - 08:53am
Ok will do, thanks. *

obi_jon 26.02.15 - 12:04pm
It has happened a few more times but I'm having trouble finding the page source as it doesn't show up in my address bar, there is a title/address at the top of the page but it is very long so doesn't show in full and can't be copy/pasted. Next time I will either note it down manually or try taking a screen grab and I'll post it here. *

obi_jon 26.02.15 - 01:26pm
Not sure how much help this will be. *

obi_jon 26.02.15 - 01:33pm appears to be a dead airline booking site, I just found a single white page with an logo and some airport related graphics at the top, nothing else.dontknow.GIF *

obi_jon 26.02.15 - 01:40pm
I have tried to stop the page before redirection but it doesn't work. Once redirected to the Empire : Four Kingdoms page, I have to press the back button multiple times before it will back out, it just keeps trying to reload the Four Kingdoms page. Once I do manage to back out of the page, I find the white page in the above screenshot. *

obi_jon 27.02.15 - 11:48pm
I haven't been redirected at all today but I am getting nothing but blank screens when I try to open topics or do anything else on the site. It took me over 15mins just to get to this group from the main page. Sorry to keep moaning but the site is becoming practically unusable. Can't the sites ad providers be changed or something? *

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