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Subject: Using Pro with Opera browsers.
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obi_jon 4.02.15 - 04:39pm
Prodigits is practically unusable on Opera mini these days, pretty bad when you consider that Opera mini is one of the browsers recommended by pro for uploading photos etc.
Opera for android isn't much better, pages are taking ages to load or not loading at all and posting a reply requires multiple attempts(sometimes dozens), uploading pictures is impossible and the search function doesn't work at all.
I don't know for sure but it seems to me that the new large size banner adverts that have recently appeared on pro are causing most of the trouble. I had no trouble using opera browsers before these ads appeared and still have no trouble using opera mini on other sites, only when using prodigits.
I know of at least 2 other users who are having similar problems, so it's not just me.grumpy.GIF *

rose01 4.02.15 - 05:21pm
Even i dont like using opera mini here. Uc browser works much better for pro good.GIF *

rose01 4.02.15 - 05:23pm
And you're right about replies not getting posted and multiple attempts being required to just post a reply. *

admin 4.02.15 - 11:07pm
We will investigate soon *

obi_jon 5.02.15 - 07:17am
Thanks.good.GIF *

9362 6.02.15 - 09:49am
Obi's right,it's awful *

9362 6.02.15 - 09:50am
No problem posting in groups though *

mylo 6.02.15 - 10:17am
Probably the ads taking up to much space causing the issue admin must be making a fortune with ads taking up half the page *

9362 6.02.15 - 01:15pm
any reply over about 2 sentences in forums doesn't post atm.plagued with server errors.Not nice at all *

9362 9.02.15 - 09:00pm
Gone back to old pro and it's fine *

obi_jon 10.02.15 - 07:29am
Yep, seems it's only the new site that is affected. *

admin 10.02.15 - 10:42am
is there an option to disable java script in opera browser? If yes then disable it. *

obi_jon 10.02.15 - 11:34am
Opera doesn't have that option, or not that I can find. *

obi_jon 10.02.15 - 11:38am
Some non-opera users are having trouble as well. crabit is having problems on iPhone native browser. *

obi_jon 14.02.15 - 11:11pm
The new site appears to be working properly using opera mini againnakeddance.GIF, also, the ads have shrunk back to the perfectly managable, less obtrusive normal sizehooray.GIF *

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