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Subject: Bud Request
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azia78 26.04.10 - 08:52am
Wish there wud be an option where one cud block sum1 from sendin bud req. There are these users who been rejected for several times but keep on sendin request. *

zeeenat 26.04.10 - 03:57pm
Block them. *

azia78 26.04.10 - 07:02pm
Cant block them... I delete their bud req.and next day,they wud send again lmao. *

manchesr 28.04.10 - 02:35pm
Instead of deleting their request just leave it and they'll soon get the idea. *

azia78 28.04.10 - 04:35pm
Its jst that lil exclamation point that appears b4 the number of buds online annoys Guess id jst leave it there grrr... *

richeet 30.04.10 - 12:05am
Thats all you can do azia leave it there *

azia78 30.04.10 - 07:10am
hug.GIF richeeeeeeeeeeeeet! lol *

spidy2k5 3.05.10 - 06:43am
there used to be a link in main menu where we could read prodigits news n the updated, the birthday of it lol but theyve taken it off lol *

angel207 25.08.10 - 04:46am
I would like a permanent block option in budlist aswell azia x im having the same prob as you with some1 continuously adding me every gets annoying! *

critical 27.08.10 - 05:29pm
then report this person to me or another admin if there harrassing you in that way *

piskey 28.08.10 - 04:32pm
Im severly disabled and find popups impossible 2 cope with so state no bud reqs yet still get fools sending them. ignoring them fine, but gotta keep checking when come online. really need tool to block them. *

critical 28.08.10 - 09:50pm
takes one click reject them all *

piskey 28.08.10 - 09:58pm
If do that, they just random again, it means havin 2 explain each time why no bud reqs then block inboxes if reply. it would be much easier 2b able 2 just block bud reqs as u can inboxes. *

critical 28.08.10 - 10:42pm
well its in the suggestion box, hopefully that function will come soon *

funtush2 28.08.10 - 11:50pm
hurray.GIF *

ur.fairy 7.10.10 - 04:46am
I got d habit of collecting all bud requests. I got 8 pages of bud requests even aftr rejecting few requests.. hehe.GIF But d sad part is only 2 pages r visible. why not prodigits enable us to view all 8 pages so tat i can view n add even d member of my 8th page of bud request?? sad.GIF plz make all pages of bud request visible. *

lusypher 31.10.10 - 12:28am
Aziz, there is a simple solution note their i.d number then block them 1st then 2ndly delete them they wont bother you again if their blocked in the 1st place bud. lusypher *

piskey 16.11.10 - 09:11am
sum will leav u alone but sum keep sending reqs. u can only then leav on ignore which means u got exclamation mark constantly by buddy list or u gotta report 2 already busy admins. be much simpler that 2 have a tool that blocks all bud reqs or if u accept some 2 block bud reqs as well as pms. saves admin time. *

piskey 14.03.11 - 11:14pm
Just to say a big thanks to listening reqarding blocking tool for stalkers who constantly send unwanted bud reqs. should save a lot of admin time and will put off stalkers. respect! :-D *

critical 18.03.11 - 12:16am
hope so lol.GIF *

piskey 11.04.15 - 06:57pm
Regarding bud reqs. Been on this site for years and love it. I had a stroke 5 years ago so pm only as can't keep up with popups. I keep getting pestered with bud reqs and block them but what would be really useful is having a tool to block reqs in first place so peeps can only pm in fist place. *

moplady 24.08.15 - 02:41pm
If you use the new pro site you can block people that send you bud recwests straight away, if you don't want to be buds with them reject there bud recwest then it gives you the option to block them as well. Online.GIF *

critical 25.08.15 - 06:40am
facepalm.GIF you can do that on the old layout aswell *

piskey 1.09.15 - 10:50am
Critical is right you can block on old layout which prefer using having had a stroke. The issue is mobile internet here slow so can often take an hour to block somebody as signal keeps going. Sites I been on in past you can set security so nobody can send a bud req. I left FB when security changed and friends of friends could send a req. it got harder because I kept getting stalked by a married man who kept adding a new account and adding one of my friends to add me. So I left FB. The stalker I knew from teen years. I don't do popups cos I have enough problems keeping up with pms let alone popups appearing constantly and don't want people I don't know accessing my profile to glean details, pic etc. a tool to remove all buddy request would be useful to a lot of members please? *

piskey 28.05.16 - 11:42am
See nob89 banned but admin have helped in past. I've learned logged in for two minutes and already some idiot has sent a request. I pm only as its Impossible to keep up with answering pm when you got constant popups. I have disabled popups and block those who send reqs but as said before signal slow here and other sites I've been on in past you can stop reqs being sent. Since last post I've had another stroke and been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Please can we have the option off blocking all reqs? *

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